Diocesan website launches updated format

Diocesan website launches updated format

Welcome to the updated website of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. We have made some changes to the appearance and format of the site. Here are answers to questions you may have and opportunities to give feedback.

Questions you may have

Why did you change the site?


We used the previous format for our site for about five years, and we wanted to refresh it. In that time, there have been many upgrades to the platform the site is built on (WordPress), so a new “theme” could utilize new capabilities of the platform better.

Also, we noticed that more than half of the people who access the site now look at it on their phone or tablet, so we decided to change the layout and appearance of the site to function better on mobile devices. It will still work well for people looking at it on a desktop or laptop computer, too. The updated site, like the previous one, is responsive, which means the information is arranged differently depending on whether you look at it with a cell phone or on a larger screen. The new site works even better than the previous one for mobile devices. This responsive capability also gives our site ‘extra points’ from browsers for being considerate of different users’ needs, which helps our search rankings.

What are the main differences in the new site?

The site functions better and the information is easier to see on mobile devices.

The appearance is updated.

It also has new content features:

  • Sermons – a searchable archive for video, audio, and text files of sermons and talks
  • Events – an easier way to create, organize and display upcoming events
  • Sub-pages – information pages that are in the same category (for example, all the deaneries, or all the committees) can now be grouped and displayed together more easily
  • Customizable home page – the new site allows much more flexibility for types of content that can go on the home page, and the pieces can be changed or re-arranged easily.
Is there still access to the old site?

Yes, this site still includes earlier content. The current site uses the same platform (WordPress) as the one just prior to this. We have simply changed the “theme” that formats and displays the information.

An earlier site built on a different platform was active through 2012; that site is archived and also still accessible. View the archived site.


You may notice something acting strangely on the site or a mistake in the information on a page. Please let us know of any issues or problems you encounter, or if there is something you can’t find.

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Website issue

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