Ecumenical, Interfaith

Ecumenical, Interfaith

Different forms or denominations of Christianity are “ecumenical” groups, while “interfaith” groups offer dialogue between different faiths.

You can study about these and other topics – and also build friendships or do work together. Respecting and learning about other faith traditions doesn’t devalue your own; often, you learn more about your own faith in the process, too.

Ecumenical organizations

Tarrant Churches Together – “For half a century Tarrant Churches Together has been about connecting for good. Through Volunteer opportunities, TCT unifies the community to bring resources, educational support, and empowerment to all God’s Children.”


Interfaith organizations

Multicultural Alliance

The Multicultural Alliance in Fort Worth offers a variety of programs that invite participants to learn about other faith traditions through dialogue and relationships. You can meet people from other faiths for dinner and conversation at a Table Talk or invite a speaker from MCA to give a presentation. If you want to delve deeper and learn more, sign up to participate in a six-session Interfaith Dialogue. Camp CommUNITY offers high school students an opportunity to build meaningful friendships with people from different backgrounds.

Sons/Daughters of Abraham

The Sons of Abraham is a group of men of different faiths (Jewish, Muslim and Christian) who gather monthly to discuss their religious beliefs, origins, laws and regulations. Past topics have been types and styles of prayer, and reasons for practicing the religion in which they are involved. They meet from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM the second Wednesday of each month and at different locations trying to rotate between a Mosque, Synagogue and Church as space is available. For more information, please email Ron Clegg at


The Daughters of Abraham is a group of women of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths who gather to share meals and to share how their faith informs their lives, with topics chosen by the members. The locations of the gatherings rotate among participants’ houses of worship. There are multiple groups that meet. Download this flyer for more details; feel free to print and post or share with others who may be interested.