Diocesan Reference List

Diocesan Reference List

The Archive of the episcopal church in north texas

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Diocesan Histories

Remembering the Joy, Lefty Brandon and Katie Sherrod, a hard cover photo essay of the services on February 7 & 8, 2009 celebrated by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori at All Saints Episcopal Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, and St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church all in Fort Worth, Texas and at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Hurst, Texas.

The History of the Episcopal Church in Fort Worth: Controversy Amongst Tradition by Jennifer Morrison, a 21 page student essay, 1997.

A Study of the Episcopal Churches in the Metropolitan Area of Fort Worth, Texas, by The Rev. J. G. Moore, Completed September 2, 1952.

Alexander Charles Garrett, an unsigned biography, copy of an unpaginated manuscript located in the archives of the Diocese of Dallas, undated.

The Right Reverend Alexander Charles Garrett, published by A.C. Garrett No. 382, Royal and Select Masons, R.W. Cooper, Thrice Illustrious Master, 1980.

The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas – A Centennial History, a soft cover, 50 page booklet, Copyright 1995 The Very Reverend C. Preston Wiles, Ph.D.

The Diocese of Dallas 1895 – 1952, a photo-reproduction of a 64 page book by Gerald Grattan Moore, 1952.

“African-American Presence in the Diocese of Dallas as Recorded in Diocesan Convention Journals 1926 – 1949,” a 19 page research paper by Barbara Turner dated February 1993.

The Story of the Diocese of Connecticut, Hard Cover, 508 pages, Nelson Rolan Burr, Ph.D., 1962 [TCU Call # BX 5918.C7 B8]

The Episcopal Church in Georgia 1733 – 1957, Hard Cover, 333 pages, Henry Thompson Malone, Associate Professor of History, Georgia State College, Copyright 1960

The Episcopal Church in Northwest Texas 1874 – 1990, Hard Cover, 165 pages, Ralph Terry, Copyright 1991

Heirs Through Hope, The Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee, Ellen Davies-Rodgers, 320 Pages, Copyright 1983

The Episcopal Church in Oklahoma, Author: Sam L. Botkin, Soft cover, 158 pages, American Bond Printing Company, 1958.

The First 100 Years – The Diocese of Kansas – Being an Historical Review of the Diocese of Kansas of the Protestant Episcopal Church from its Formation in 1859 to its Centennial in 1959. Fenner and Turner authors. Allen Press, Lawrence, Ks., Soft Cover, 124 pages.

Diocesan Journals

Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

Digital copies of the Journals of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth beginning in 1982 (except 2008).

Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

Copy of Journal of the Eighty Seventh Annual Meeting of the Diocese of Dallas, Episcopal School of Dallas, October 1 & 2, 1982 and Special Convention, St. Matthews Cathedral June 19, 1982, 87 pages.

Copy of Minutes Special Convention of the Diocese of Dallas at Saint Matthews Cathedral June 19, 1982.

Missionary District of Northern Texas

Journal of the Missionary District of Northern Texas (original and copy for research):
Eighth Annual Convocation 1882, 48 pages
Ninth Annual Convocation 1883, 56 pages
Tenth Annual Convocation 1884, 44 pages
Eleventh Annual Convocation 1885, 60 pages
Twelfth Annual Convocation 1886, 52 pages
Thirteenth Annual Convocation 1887, 76 pages
Fourteenth and Fifteenth Annual Convocation 1888 and 1889, 72 pages
Sixteenth Annual Convocation 1890, 64 pages
Seventeenth Annual Convocation 1891, 49 pages

Common Purpose - Diocesan Newsletters

View past issues of the newsletter – more will be added

Parish Histories

History of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church [Fort Worth) Centennial Year 1975, Researched by Frances Wayman Hogan, fifteen page print out of on-line copy.

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, 113 page hard cover book published in 1997.

Trinity Parish 1893 – 1993 (Fort Worth, Texas), Hard Cover, 373 Pages, Charles Watson, 1993-94

The Saints and Symbols of All Saints by David Lindsey, Hard Cover, 1985.

All Saints Episcopal Church (Fort Worth) – 2003 Parish Profile, 21 pages.

All Saints Episcopal Church (Wichita Falls), Parish Profile April 2006, Spiral Bound Soft Cover, 36 Pages.

Celebrating 50 Years of Ministry – St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, Texas, Spiral Bound, Soft Cover, 101 Pages.

Christ The King Episcopal Church (Fort Worth, Texas), Parish Profile April 2007, Spiral Bound Soft Cover, 27 Pages

St. Luke’s in the Meadow – Fort Worth – A short Compendium of History and other Trivia, by David Camillus (Carpenter), FSC. 2007

St. Luke’s in the Meadow – Fort Worth. Pamphlet on building campaign with a short history.

St. Paul’s – Gainesville. Brochure including brief history. 1997 Bulletin – Dedication of the Church Building 1962

St. Stephens – Wichita Falls – 9 page booklet of the Ten Year History. 1970

Holy Spirit Episcopal Mission – Graham. History – 17 page booklet 1960

Church of the Holy Comforter by The Rev. Gordon Miltenberger, Hard cover, 243 Pages, published in 1971.

St. Luke’s – Stephenville: An Anecdotal History of St. Luke’s Church by Joe R. Christopher, 10 page pamphlet, Copyright © 2005

Fiftieth Anniversary of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, Texas 1924 – 1974, by The Rev. John R. Leatherbury, D.D., Rector, 6 page pamphlet.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church – Hamilton. 32 page booklet for 100th anniversary of completion and consecration of church building. 1996

St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Dallas Texas, Now Completeing Eleven Decades of Faithful Witness 1857 – 1967, by C. Preston Wiles, Dean of St. Matthew’s Cathedral, soft cover, 6 page pamphlet.

Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, Galveston, Texas [1841- 1953]: A MEMORIAL HISTORY [Trinity in Galveston is the 3rd oldest Episcopal Church in the state.], by William Manning Morgan, Hard Cover, 801 pages, © Copyright 1954 [TCU Call # BX 5980.G24 T7]

A HAPPY WORLD ABODE – Christ Church Cathedral 1839 – 1964 [Christ Church, Houston, is the 2nd oldest Episcopal Church in the state], by Marguerite Johnston, Hard Cover, 301 pages, Published by Cathedral Press, © Copyright 1964.

St. David’s Episcopal Church (Austin, Texas) A Texas Heritage of History, Music, Art and Service since 1847, The Spirit of Missions – Millennium Collector’s Edition, Soft Cover, 106 pages, Beth Fowler, Copyright 1963

St. David’s Through The Years, Hard Cover, 94 Pages, Sponsored and Published by the Betty Gilmer Chapter of St. David’s Guild, St. David’s Episcopal Church, Austin, 1942

The Silver Years All Souls’ Episcopal Church History 1944-1969, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Hard Cover, 170 Pages, Patty Patterson Grass, Copyright © 1969, Century Press Publishers.

Trinity Episcopal Church, Asheville, North Carolina, One Hundred Twenty Fifth Anniversary, Soft Cover, 98 Pages, 1974.

A History of Grace Episcopal Church in Georgetown, Texas 1868-1981. AUTHOR: Eb Carl Girvin, PUBLISHER: Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown, Texas, Copyright 1981, Soft cover, 118 pages.

Christ Episcopal Church: The First Seventy-Five Years 1911-1986 by Lewis F. Fisher, Hard Cover, 206 pages, Christ Episcopal Church, copyright © 1986.

The Spirit of Missions

The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) of The Episcopal Church commenced publishing a monthly periodical, “The Spirit of Missions,” in 1836. The Archives History Library contains approximately 820 of the first 1224 issues of this periodical, as well an index for the years 1836-1900.

Anglican & Episcopal History, Historical Society of the Episcopal Church

Vol. 56, No. 2 June 1987
Vol. 59, No. 1 March 1990
Vol. 59, No. 3 September 1990
Vol. 77, No. 4 December 2008
Vol. 78, No. 1 March 2009
Vol. 78, No. 2 June 2009
Vol. 78, No. 3 September 2009
Vol. 79, No. 4 December 2010

General Convention Journals

The General Convention of The Episcopal Church is held every three years. A by-product of that convention is the General Convention Journal. In addition to the information contained in the Archives History Library regarding the organizing Convention of 1789 and the conventions prior there-to, as described under History of the Episcopal Church in the United States, above, the Archives History Library includes approximately 50 tri-annual Journals of the General Convention, starting with the year 1828. Also in the library, Report to the 76th GeneralConvention, Otherwise Known as the Blue Book.

Episcopal Church Clerical Directory and Annuals

The Episcopal Clerical Directory: 1959, 1987, 2003, 2005, 2007

The Episcopal Church Annual:

  • 1959
  • 1967
  • 1970, 1973
  • 1980, 1981, 1986, 1988
  • 1991, 1993
  • 2001, 2004
Anglican Communion

Anglican Communion

Reunion and Lambeth John Wesley’s Message to the Bishops in Conference July 1920, by Sir Henry S. Lunn, softcover, 103 pages plus appendix, The Epworth Press, 1920.

Lambeth Conferences (1867 – 1930), soft cover, 303 pages, London SPCK, 1948.

Lambeth Conference 1930, Encyclical Letter from the Bishops with the Resolutions and Reports, soft cover, 200 pages, Published by the Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge – The MacMillan Company, No Date Given.

Books & Booklets

The following is a list of print resources available at the Diocesan Archives.

History of the Episcopal Church in the United States

A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America by Samuel Wilberforce, Chaplain to HRH Prince Albert and Archbishop of York, Hardback, 456 Pages, Publisher James Burns, 1844.

AMERICAN EPISCOPAL HISTORY by Reverend William Wilson Manross, Ph.D, hard cover, 415 pages, Publisher: Morehouse-Gorman, 1950 New York.

The Church in the Confederate States – A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate States, by Joseph Blount Cheshire, D.D. Bishop of North Carolina, New York, London, Bombay and Calcutta: Longmans, Green and Co., 1912, 128 page print out of online version.

The Episcopal Church’s History: 1945 – 1985, Soft Cover, 221 pages, David E. Sumner, Copyright © 1987, Morehouse Publishing. [TCU Call # BX 5882.S85 1987]

Three Hundred Years of the Episcopal Church in America, Hard Cover, 109 pages, The Rev. George Hodges, D.D., Dean of the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Copyright © 1906, George W. Jacobs & Co. [TCU Call # BX 5917.H7]

Looking at the Episcopal Church, William Sydnor, Soft Cover, 142 Pages, June 1981, Morehouse Publishing.

A History of the Episcopal Church, Robert W. Prichard, Soft Cover, 315 Pages, 1991 (second printing 1996), Morehouse Publishing. [TCU Call # BX 5880.P75]

The American Church History Series, Vol. VII, Episcopal Church, Hard Cover, 593 pages, by C.C. Tiffany, D.D., Archdeacon of New York and Vol. IX, Roman Catholics, Hard Cover, 515 pages, by Thomas O’Gorman, Prof. Church History in the Catholic University of American, Washington, D.C. [TCU Call # BR515.A5 Vol. 7 and Vol. 9]

The Episcopal Church in United States 1789-1931 by James Thayer Addison, 400 pages, soft cover, Published 1969.

Our Expanding Church by James Thayer Addison, 117 pages, soft cover, Published by the National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1930.

Men and Movements in the Episcopal Church by E. Clowes Chorley, D.D., L.H.D, Historiographer of the Church, Hard Cover, 501 Pages, Charles Scribner’s Sons, Copyright 1946

The Divine Commission – A Sketch of Church History by the Rt. Rev. Frank E. Wilson, D.D., S.T.D., Soft Cover, The National Council Protestant Episcopal Church, Copyright 1964

The Episcopal Church Since 1900 – A Brief History by George E. DeMille, M.A., Canon of Albany, Hard Cover, 223 pages, Morehouse-Gorham Company, Copyright © 1955

Chapters In Church History by Powel Mills Dawley, Soft Cover, 279 pages, The Seabury Press, The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, Copyright © 1950

Our Christian Heritage – Church History and the Episcopal Church by Powel Miles Dawley, Soft Cover, 253 Pages, Morehouse-Barlow Co., Copyright © 1959

The Life and Letters of Bishop William White edited by Walter Herbert Stowe, President of the Church Historical Society, Hard Cover, 306 Pages, Church Historical Society/Morehouse Publishing, Copyright 1987.

The Church Her Purpose: the Extension of the Incarnation by Agnes E. Van Kirk, soft cover, 77 pages with an illustrated outline sketch of her history empahasizing the history of the Anglican Church from the earliest times, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1943

A Series of Brief Historical Sketches of the Church of England and of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States by M.S. Royce, 198 pages, hardbound, General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union and Church Book Society, “entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1859.

A New History of THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, Revised and Rewritten by Walter Howard Frere, M.A., Priest of the Community of the Resurrection on the basis of the former work by Francis Procter, M.A., Vicar of Witton, Norfolk, Hardcover, 699 pages, MacMillan and Co., Limited, 1902.

Does The Protestant Episcopal Church Teach the Exclusive Validity of Episcopal Orders? by The Rev. William Goode, M.A., soft cover, 95 pages, Published by the Protestant Episcopal Society for the Promotion of Evangelical Knowledge, No Year Given.

400 Years Anglican/Episcopal Mission Among the American Indians, by Owanah Anderson (2009: Sr. Warden – All Saints in Wichita Falls), 401 Pages, Soft Cover, © 1997 Forward Movement Publications.

Jamestown Commitment – The Episcopal Church and the American Indian, by Owanah Anderson, 170 Pages, Soft Cover, © 1988, Forward Movement Publications.

Thankfulness Unites – The History of the United Thank Offering, by Frances M. Young, 85 Pages, Soft Cover, © 1997 Forward Movement Publications.

Episcopal Innovations 1960 – 2004, by the Rev. Dr. Peter Toon M.A., D.Phil., soft cover, 65 page booklet, Preservation Press of the Prayer Book Society of the U.S.A., 2006.

“To Set Our Hope on Christ – A Response to the Invitation of Windsor Report 135”, soft cover, 135 page booklet, Copyright © 2005, The Office of Communication, The Episcopal Church Center, New York.

A New Way of Living – How the Church of the Redeemer, Houston found a new life-style by Michael Harper, Soft Cover, 144 pages, Logos International, Copyright © 1973

“Toward Full Communion” and “Concordat of Agreement, Lutheran-Episcopal Dialogue Series III,” Edited by William A. Norgren and William C. Rusch, Forward Movement Publications, Copyright © 1991

Episcopal Women – Gender, Spirituality, and Commitment in an American Mainline Denomination Edited By Catherine M. Prelinger, Hard Cover, 363 pages, Oxford University Press, Copyright 1992


VOLUME 1 – Title Pages, Preface, Table of Contents, The Preliminary Conventions Pages 3 – 68
VOLUME 2 – The Convention of 1785 – Part One – Pages 69 – 143
VOLUME 2 – The Convention of 1785 – Part Two – Pages 144 – 212
VOLUME 2 – The Convention of 1785 – Part Three – Pages 213 – 311
VOLUME 3 – The Convention of 1786 – Pages 311 – 391
VOLUME 4 – The Conventions of 1789 – Pages 392 – 416
VOLUME 4 – The Conventions of 1789 – Pages 392 – 416, Appendix of Documents, The Case of the Episcopal Church Considered Pages, Bishop Seabury’s Communion Office, The Alterations in the Prayer Book Adopted 1789. Pages 392 – 485.
VOLUME 5 – An Index of the Principal Matters Contained in the Journals of General Conventions 1785 – 1835, Inclusive – Pages 487 – 524, A History of the Eastern Diocese by Calvin R. Batchelder (Advertisement) 40 Pages.
History of Episcopal Church in Texas

Bishop Garrett’s Journal, Texas, 1875 – 1890, Hard Cover, 209 pages, Jeanne Jordan Tabb and Margaret Ann Thetford, Copyright 1987 [TCU Call # BX 5995.G3 A3 1987]

The Episcopal Church in Texas: The Diocese of Texas, 1838 – 1874, From Its Foundation to the Division of the Diocese, Hard Cover, 271 pages, by Lawrence Brown (autographed copy), Copyright 1963. [TCU Call # BX 5917.T4 B7 1963]

The Episcopal Church in Texas Volume II, 1875 – 1965, The Diocese of Texas, Hard Back, 291 pages, Lawrence L. Brown (autographed copy), Copyright 1985.

Early Days of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Texas, The Rev. DuBose Murphy, print out of 20 page article from Volume 34, Number 4 of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly (printed April 1931).

A Short History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Texas, Hard Cover, 173 pages, The Rev. DuBose Murphy, B.D, M.A., Rector of Christ Church, Tyler, Texas and Secretary of the Diocese, 1935. [TCU Call # BX 5917.T4 M8]

Symbolism, History and Doctrine of the Episcopal Church, Soft Cover, 39 pages, Claude A. Beesley, D.D., Rector of Church of The Good Shepherd, Wichita Falls, Texas, 1952. [TCU Call # BX 598.D25 B4]

The Episcopal Church in Northern Texas (until 1895), Soft Cover, 65 pages, Claude A. Beesley, D.D., Rector of Church of The Good Shepherd, Wichita Falls, Texas, 1952

A Chronological History of Women in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, 1895 – 2001, Soft Cover booklet, 25 pages, Barbara S. Turner, Diocesan Historiographer

Alexander Gregg: First Bishop Of Texas, Hardcover, 156 pages, by Wilson Gregg (his son) (Author), Arthur Howard Noll (Editor), Gift from the Office of the University Librarian, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, Publisher is The University Press, © copyright 1912.

Alexander Gregg of Texas, Hardcover, by Arthur Ben Chitty, 19 page soft cover pamphlet published by the National Council in 1959.

Miscellaneous Books

My Heresy: The Autobiography of an Idea, William Montgomery Brown, 1981, 273 pages, softbound book.

Fifty Years, by William Lawrence, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Massachusetts, hard cover, 93 pages, Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 1923.

Memories of a Happy Life, William Lawrence, D.D., LL.D. 1926, 452 pages, hard bound book. Houghton Mifflin Company.

Compendium of Church History, Andrew C. Zenos, Presbyterian Board of Publications and Sabbath School Work, copyright 1896, Revised Edition 1921, 340 pages, hardbound book.

Collection, Use and Care of Historical Photographs, Robert A. Weinstein and Larry Booth, copyright 1977, American Association for State and Local History, 232 pages, hardbound book.

“Christian Unity in War Time,” softcover, 19 page pamphlet, published by The Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America (Protestant Episcopal Church is a member), with picture and statement from of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

“Anglo-Catholicism and Re-Union,” by the Rev. S.H. Scott, hard cover, 47 pages, Robert Scott Publisher, by William Grendon and Son, Ltd., Plymouth.

Inside History of First Baptist Church of Fort Worth and Temple Baptist Church Detroit – Life Story of Dr. J. Frank Norris , (autographed by Dr. Norris.), Soft Cover, 332 Pages, no dates or publisher information given (obviously old and fragile).

“Modernism (And Why I Fight it),” by Dr. J. Frank Norris, Soft Cover, 63 pages, no dates or publisher information given.

The J. Frank Norris I Have Known, by Dr. Louis Entzminger, Soft Cover, 351 Pages, Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation, reprinted 2004.

Fundametalism and American Culture – The Shaping of Twentieth-Century Evangelicalism 1870-1925 , by George M. Marsden, Soft Cover, 307 Pages, Oxford University Press, Copyright © 1980.

Proceedings of The Court – THE TRIAL of the RIGHT REV. BENJAMIN T. ONDERDONK, D.D. , Heresy Trials in the Protestant Episcopal Church 1890 – 1930 , by Hugh Martin Jansen, Jr., Doctorial Dissertation at Columbia University, photocopy in 3 ring binder, 351 Pages, 1965.

Note: The above six (6) publications plus a number of folders of additional reference material obtained in connection with a research project regarding an incident at Trinity Episcopal Church in 1923 – 24.