For Treasurers and Business Managers

For Treasurers and Business Managers

Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs (2012)

Diocesan Budget

Both budget-related resolutions were passed without amendment by the Diocesan Convention. View or download at the links below.

2017-2019 Triennial Budget

General Convention Budget

Look up info from current or past General Convention Budget

IRS and Tax Related

2016-Federal Reporting Requirements for Episcopal Churches (a Church Pension Fund publication)

Mileage rate – 54.5 cents for 2018 (Note: this is an increase from last year)

Audit or Internal Audit – Due Sept 1

View a sample internal/committee audit.

This sample was developed by one of our congregations and has been used in several diocesan workshops. The congregation has given permission to use it.

Annual Deadlines

Download the Canonical and IRS Deadline list to print

End-of-Year Task List, Canonical & IRS Deadlines


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