Executive Council

Executive Council

The Executive Council carries on the work of the Diocesan Convention when the Convention is not in session. It consists of nine at-large members, one member from each of the five deaneries and various ex-officio members (see the chart below).

Of the nine at-large members, three are clergy and six are lay. The term of the elected members is three years, with one clergy and one lay member being elected at each annual meeting of the Diocesan Convention.


The Executive Council has these committees:

  • Management Committee – monitors progress on Executive Council initiatives and resolves, undertakes work delegated by the Executive Council, recommends action on time sensitive matters, recommends actions concerning committees, and develops the agenda for each Executive Council meeting.  Members are the bishop, the president of the Standing Committee, the president of the Diocesan Corporation, the diocesan secretary, the diocesan treasurer, the diocesan chancellor, chair of the Finance Committee, the Canon to the Ordinary, and the director of communications.
  • Diocesan Convention Planning Committee –  plans each annual Diocesan Convention
  • Finance Committee – advises regarding financial matters, serves as the budget committee, determines assessments, acts as the Audit Committee, and oversees annual audits for congregations

2021 Meeting Dates and Locations

Meetings of the Executive Council are public. All meetings are on Saturdays, from 10 am to 2 pm.

January 28, 2021 – Zoom
March 20, 2021 – Zoom
May 15, 2021 – Zoom
September 18, 2021 – Zoom

Executive Council 2021