For deans and sub-deans

Election Results report

Example agenda and meeting summary

How to use the online report or agenda:

After clicking the link, click ‘File’ in the menu and ‘Download as’ and choose whichever file type you prefer to download it to your computer. Call the diocesan office if you have questions.

The sample agenda includes which topics to cover at each of the canonically required deanery meetings. The sample meeting summary could be used as a format for keeping minutes.

January meeting

  • elect officers (Dean, Sub-Dean and Secretary are each 2 year terms) and Executive Council representative and alternate (1 year terms)
  • choose meeting dates, times and places for the year ahead
  • send this report to the bishop’s office by January 15.

A Deanery

A deanery is a geographic grouping of congregations who collaborate on governance issues and ministry projects for their region. Each deanery elects a representative to the Executive Council of the diocese, which is the governing body that does the work of the Diocesan Convention during the rest of the year when the Convention is not in session.

There are five deaneries in The Episcopal Church in North Texas:

Zoom in on the map below:

Joint Projects

Some deaneries collaborate on mission projects. The Fort Worth East deanery jointly created and now supplies volunteer teams for the 4 Saints Episcopal Food Pantry.


Each deanery elects officers and a representative and alternate representative to the Executive Council. The duty of each position is described very briefly; feel free to contact any of those currently serving for more details.

  • Dean (2-year term) – organizes and runs meetings
  • Sub-Dean (2-year term) – fills in if the dean is unavailable
  • Secretary (2-year term) – keeps the minutes
  • Deanery Representative to Executive Council (1-year term) – participates in 4 meetings per year
  • Alternate Representative to Executive Council (1-year term) – fills in if the Deanery Rep. is unavailable

Representatives to Executive Council from each deanery are listed on the Executive Council’s page.

The Executive Council carries on the work of the Diocesan Convention during the rest of the year when the Convention is not in session. In addition to the Deanery representatives, it consists of nine at-large members and various ex-officio members.