Litigation update

Litigation update

There was a hearing on Friday, March 11, before Judge John Chupp in the 141st. District Court, Tarrant County, regarding still-pending issues of personal property, interest on bank funds, and congregational names and intellectual property.

The hearing was held via ZOOM.

The attorneys representing the diocese associated with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) told the court they have no further issues with St. Stephen’s, Wichita Falls, also known as the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls; nor do they have any further issues with St. Elisabeth on personal property. They still are seeking interest on St. Elisabeth’s funds that were in the bank at the time of the split, as they are with bank funds of St. Christopher, St. Luke’s in the Meadow, and, in a separate case now before a bankruptcy judge, All Saints.’

The judge urged the attorneys representing congregations on both sides to work out an agreement on personal property issues related to St. Christopher and St. Luke’s. David Weaver, attorney for ACNA congregations, agreed to work with Diocesan Chancellor Sandy Liser on an agreement.

The Court said these discussions should include gifts from donors or donor’s heirs who have requested such gifts remain with the congregations affiliated with The Episcopal Church. He said that while the law might favor ACNA in this instance, he urged ACNA to be generous, especially if the items had sentimental value.

Judge Chupp stated that the issue of the 2017 $2 million bequest to St. Mary’s Hillsboro, properly remains in probate court in Waco.

The judge took under advisement the issue of whether his Judgment included names and intellectual property of congregations, stating that he does not think it does.

Chancellor Liser has filed a motion to the court to rule on everything still in dispute to a date certain, hopefully by April 15, which will likely entail another hearing yet to be scheduled.