For Parish Administrators

For Parish Administrators

Request a Background Check

Use this form to initiate a background check per the Policy on Background Checks.

When your entered information is submitted correctly, you will see a green confirmation box below the Submit button. You will receive a confirmation email from a member of the diocesan staff after they receive and begin to process your request. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call the diocesan office at 817-534-1900.

Background Check Request

Subject Information

The person who needs to have a background check performed.
Check all that apply
You - the contact person at the church - not the subject of the check.

Request to put something on the Diocesan Calendar

Calendar Event Request

Event Information

Tell us as much as you can
May be the name of the church - or another location
This will allow viewers to click on a map
Give a more specific location if needed
If you have a page on your website about this event, put the url here.
If there is a specific webpage that includes a registration form, put the url to that page here.

Host Information

Who is hosting or sponsoring this event?
Who can be contacted with questions about this event?
Please include either your email address or phone number



If your event could appeal to people in other dioceses as well, you can also post a listing on the Episcopal Digital Network’s Event Board.


Post Job Openings

View the diocesan job board

Post a job or volunteer opportunity on the job board

Tips for posting a job:

  • In the “Location” field, put a street address, so the person viewing the job can click on it and see a map.
  • If you are having trouble attaching an image, email it to, and Tracie will add the image. That seems to be a glitch in the program for now.
  • Once you submit, it will first go to the web admin for approval, so you won’t see it immediately.

You can also post a job in the classified section of the Episcopal Digital Network site:


Info for when the Bishop comes

  • Official Acts Form to record the names of those to be baptized, confirmed, received. Download as a Word doc or as a PDF.
  • Bishop Supply or Visitation Form – Download as a Word doc or as a PDF.
  • Bishop Visitation Customary – Download as PDF


Annual Meeting Resources

Congregational Leadership List – Send list to Michele King at diocesan office immediately after annual parish meeting.

Certificate of Convention Delegates – send certified list to Michele King at diocesan office immediately after annual parish meeting.

Sample Annual Meeting Agenda

Convention related

All things related to Diocesan Convention.

2018 Convention: November 9-10 at the Decatur Civic Center, hosted by the Northern Deanery.

Stewardship (TENS)

TENS – Stewardship resources. The Diocese of Fort Worth is a member for 2018.
Click for resource page. 2018 login credentials:
Username- mark
Password- 10:21

Miscellaneous Forms

Please send any forms you think might be useful to other parish admins, and we can create a library of examples and stock forms that can be adapted to individual parishes.

CPG forms, publications and popular downloads.

Check Request Voucher – to get reimbursement for expenses related to diocesan ministries. Tips for filling it out:

  • You can list multiple items on the same form; attach receipts
  • If you can’t figure out which budget account (on 2nd page), leave it blank
  • Make sure to sign it, and send by email to or mail / deliver to the diocesan office (give to Michele)
  • Mileage Rate info

Consent for Marriage after Divorce or Annulment form – send to the Bishop’s Office

Youth Event Participation Form – from St. Martin-in-the-Fields

More Resource Pages on this website

(No password needed for these pages):

  • Education – lots of links (organized by age or season of the church year) for curricula, lesson plans, video series studies, resources to check out from the diocesan library, and more.
  • Business and Finance – where to find things like the current diocesan budget, table of assessments, and various financial-related tasks and deadlines, such as when and how to complete a parish audit.
  • Safe Church – Information about Safeguarding courses and access to the Safeguarding Online platform
  • Vestry Resources
  • Racial Justice & Reconciliation – training dates, additional reading, links and video resources
  • Election Engagement
  • Disaster resources
  • (Under Construction): Communications, Worship planning

Insurance, Pension, Other Info from CPG

CPG forms, publications and popular downloads.

Click the image below to watch informational webinars about Open Enrollment for health insurance and other topics.

CPG webinar page