For Teachers

For Teachers

Diocesan Library – You are welcome to check out educational resources from the diocesan library, located in the conference room of the diocesan offices. Call 817-534-1900 for more information or to ask whether we have a particular resource you’re looking for.
Check out Lesson Plans that Work, an excellent resource of the Episcopal Digital Network.

Lesson plans that work

The Episcopal Church website’s Library includes a variety of resources in several media. Use the “+Topics” menu to search by topic or look under “Resources” for bulletin inserts, a variety of documents, and links – you can then filter the list by key words to find something you’re looking for.

You can also look under the “Ministries” tab to access resources produced by various ministries and departments within the church.

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist has some resources as well.

Resources by Age Group

  • Journey 2 Adulthood
  • Confirm not Conform (available in Diocesan Library)
  • Nooma videos by Rob Bell – the Diocesan office has 24 videos and a license. “a series of short films that explore our world from a perspective of Jesus. NOOMA is an invitation to search, question, and join the discussion.”
  • Films from ‘The Work of the People‘ (not specifically just for youth – has a subscription fee)

Video Resources

  • Variety of videos, video series, and ‘visual liturgy’ from ‘The Work of the People‘ site (fee)
  • ‘Amplified Church’ and ‘Transforming through Love’ series
  • Several video curricula in the Diocesan Library
  • Discovery Series (for adult inquirers)
  • Nooma videos by Rob Bell – the Diocesan office has 24 videos and a license. “a series of short films that explore our world from a perspective of Jesus. NOOMA is an invitation to search, question, and join the discussion.”

Courses, seminars, etc.

Studying the Bible

Revised Common Lectionary – the cycle Episcopal churches and several other denominations use to read the Bible in a systematic way over a three year period.

The Bible in the Life of the ChurchVarious Translations

Bible in the Life of the Church

“I see this project as utterly foundational for our life together: I can hardly stress that enough.” – Archbishop Justin Welby

Bible in the Life of the Church (BILC) is a toolbox of resources and materials related to studying the Bible developed for use across the entire Anglican Communion. Click the link above to access the materials, which are grouped by type (what kind of resource is it?), by topic (what is it about?), and by audience (who is it for?).


Parallel and Interlinear study tools


Topical Studies

Creation CareSacramentsEpiscopal IdentityDismantling RacismMore Justice Issues

Grace for Creation

The Episcopal Church’s Response to the Environmental Crisis

In 2011, the Episcopal Church House of Bishops issued a pastoral letter on the environmentIn response, a five-week study course titled A Life of Grace for the Whole World has been created. The curriculum follows the five sections of this letter.

In the Beginning – A Video Curriculum Exploring the Catechism of Creation


The four-week, video-based curriculum “invites you to explore science and faith through the lens of leading ordained scientists in The Episcopal Church. The curriculum provides four weeks of free downloadable lesson plans, discussion questions, and links to corresponding videos for each class. Explore the Bible’s basic doctrine of creation, the modern scientific worldview, perspectives on the Big Bang and evolution, and the biblical roots for environmental care. This course serves as an excellent platform for a Sunday School or adult formation course to delve into A Catechism of Creation, a downloadable document that explores The Episcopal Church’s understanding of creation in the traditional question-and-answer format, available for free download here. Developed in partnership with the Committee on Science, Technology and Faith, this video curriculum allows a sense of wonder and discovery to play a part in building care for creation in our faith communities.” (as described on the Forward Movement website)

This resource is free from Forward Movement.

See also the Facebook page of the Science, Technology, and Faith Network.


  • Claiming the Vision – A five-topic series related to Baptism. Each topic has a series of short video clips, with discussion questions.


For Youth:

Also, see resources and research from The Confirmation Project.

For Adults:

  • Discovery Series video curriculum (in the Diocesan library)
  • Around One Table – Exploring Episcopal Identity – 16 session series – (curriculum guide and material in the Diocesan library) and 5-part report


Report from the Task Force on the Study of Marriage – download in English or Spanish from The Episcopal Church website.

Video series studies

Just Faith – An ecumenical resource for exploring justice issues. You might contact the organization to find a course already running near you or start one. The program also has shorter modules on specific topics and major issues of our day.

Living Room Conversations – how to have discussions about complex topics, with people whose opinions differ widely. The Rev. Linda Taylor is very involved in this organization; St. Luke’s in the Meadow has successfully hosted several of these conversations.

Seasons of the Church Year