Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Diocesan Training for Racial Justice & Reconciliation

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Minority owned business directories

Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce

Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


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Church NExt Online Courses

Racial Justice series with Eduardo Bonilla-SilvaMichael CurryKelly Brown Douglas, J. Kameron Carter, and Jennifer Harvey

Creating Common Good series with Julio Murray, Rachel Held Evans, Nicole Baker Fulgham, and Justin Welby


Trinity Institute 2016

Listen for a Change: Sacred Conversations for Racial Justice” Watch videos of conference speakers, view book lists and find other resource material.

Archive Materials

Information from The Episcopal Church website archive:

Working together for justice.

What You Can Do
Each one of us can play a part in eliminating racism in the church, society and world, and that change begins with us. In order to truly love our neighbors as ourselves, we must walk in their shoes and understand how our behavior affects those around us.
Becoming a Fully Antiracist Church
Changing our own behavior is just the beginning; creating change in our institutions is the next step. While the church is a collection of its individual members, it will not change unless we all work together to make change happen. Together we can eradicate institutional racism from our churches, seminaries and workplaces.
Diocesan Reports on Transatlantic Slavery
In accordance with General Convention Resolution 2006-A123, dioceses are directed to document instances where the diocese has been complicit in and has benefited from the institution of Transatlantic Slavery. Several dioceses who have already begun this work share what they are already doing.