Context – Learn about your area

Context – Learn about your area

Episcopal Church data

Research and Statistics from The Episcopal Church, including reports for each congregation and community profiles from “Mission Insite.”

MissionInsite report


Census information

Census information can give insight into more than just population. Take a look at some of their interactive maps and data tools. Here area few that may be helpful in understanding your area.

Income and poverty information, including this map, which can be viewed by county or by school district:

Response Outreach Area Mapper

If your area has a low response rate to the census, census workers try to make sure and approach those areas with an awareness of what the needs are. For instance, employing census workers who speak the languages of the people who live in that area. There’s a lot of information on the ROAM map that could be relevant to understanding your community better:

a screenshot of the map showing the type of data it displays