2016 Convention at All Saints’ Episcopal School

2016 Convention at All Saints’ Episcopal School

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The Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth was held Friday, November 11 and Saturday, November 12, 2016, at All Saints’ Episcopal School in Fort Worth.

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There were 32* positions open for nomination at the 2016 Convention: Deputies to General Convention, At-Large Members of Executive Council, Disciplinary Board members, Standing Committee members, and a Trustee of the University of the South.

* Why so many open positions?

UPDATE – 8/29/2016: Previously, the number of open positions was reported as 28; we realized, however, that we had given too small of a number for the General Convention Deputy positions. There are actually four open positions for deputy and four (instead of two) for alternates – in both the clergy and lay orders.

The number is higher than usual this year for two main reasons: we will be electing deputies to General Convention, which happens only once every three years, and we will also for the first time be electing nine of the members of the Executive Council at large, in accordance with canon changes passed in 2015. Previously, members of the Executive Council were all elected at the deanery level.

In addition to the at-large positions for Executive Council, each of the five deaneries elected one representative at their Pre-Convention Deanery Meeting.

Vendors and Exhibitors

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Convention Eucharist Offering

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Prayer Room

Youth in the diocese created a prayer room at Convention. Click below to read more:


Social Media

The hashtag for Convention each year is #DioFW.


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